About the Hackathon


The goal of the Creating Reality Hackathon, sponsored by the University of Southern California, is to expose people to new ideas, foster collaboration with new people, and build something that's never been built before—original AR|VR apps. 

The competition will stretch the amazing technological advancements over the last year and inspire the creation of both original and novel apps. The Hackathon will cover four days of workshops, twenty talks by industry leaders and academic experts, and many developing projects.Participants will meet and network with industry experts, like-minded practitioners, and talented AR|VR peers.



You're invited to Apply!

AR|VR communities in Los Angeles and beyond are invited to apply. Students and working practitioners from around the world; designers, developers, domain experts, engineers, artists and creatives—all who want to deepen their understanding of the technologies through this leading-edge Hackathon experience should apply. 



How It Works

About 400 participants will be accepted from 2,000 applications to work in interdisciplinary teams of five or fewer in this intense development competition to create the most original and insightful AR|VR experiences. Each team will demonstrate their creation to judges and the general public at the end of the competition.

Judging will be based on specific categories. The preliminary Hackathon project categories include:

  • Innovative Entertainment, including storytelling and games
  • Content Production
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
  • AR|VR For Good: the nexus of celebrity, Pop Culture, and Civic Engagement
  • AR|VR Hardware Hacks
  • Machine Learning & AI

Many Ways to Get Involved


Love the VR|AR Community and want to help it grow? There are many ways to get involved in the Hackathon.



Sponsors get a first look at new apps for their platforms and see how developers and designers create AR|VR app solutions.

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Mentors skilled in app design and platform development guide participants through varying roadblocks.

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Volunteers contribute through various roles, from outreach to registration to hosting workshops to logistics.

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The Creating Reality Hackathon is produced by Grassroots Developer Education, Inc., the same team who brought you

The Reality, Virtually, Hackathon!


Send a message to team@creatingrealityhack.com and we'll get back to you shortly!